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February 1, 2017
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February 10, 2017

February 2017 Tips and Tricks

This is month that LOVE make its presence known and no better way than with AGA’s tips and tricks on making this month full of red hearts and kisses!

How Dogs Interpret LOVE

image02 (2)Dogs interpret love in a number of ways. We as humans understand how much we love our furry friends but science is also understanding how dogs understand love. Dr Brian Hare has been studying dog love for years, and here are his findings on how dogs see love! Dr. Hare believes that over evolution of humans domesticating dogs they have similar oxytocin levels like humans. Meaning that when you stare at your pooch the level of happiness you receive is similar to what your pet receives, making both more happy. He believes that when your dog stares at you he is in fact “hugging’’ you with his eyes! When dogs hear speech they recognize the words and also the intention behind those words. Even words like “No” can be interpreted differently according to the tone of your voice. Dogs recognize that they are loved in many other ways. Food is one of the biggest. Dogs need food to sustain life, therefore when you provide it their notion is that you want them to live. This makes a dog happy. So remember the next time you’re rushing through feeding or playing with your pet to get to some other important life task completed, that this is when your dog feels love, so take your time and enjoy it!

World Spay Day February 20th 2017!

Did you know spaying your baby girl not only stops hundreds of unwanted dog being created but also reduces her risks of certain health related issues? February 20th is world spay day where millions of female dogs and cats get spayed for next to no costs. According to leading medical professionals spaying your dog or cat can reduce or sometimes even stop some of the worse medical problems in female animals including:
-Reduces the risk of mammary tumors
-Eliminates the risk of Pyometra, An infection of the uterus
-Reduces the risk of perianal fistulas, an infection of the anus and digestive tract
-Stops unwanted litters
-Stops menstrual Bleeding

If you have an unspayed female pet living in your house take the time this February to get her spayed. If you have an already spayed animal take the time to donate a surgery to a community near you! You can sponsor a spay or donate towards the cause! Check out this link for more information!

image01 (2)Whip up some LOVE this Valentines!

This super easy dog treat recipe will have your pooch feeling the love!

Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt treats

-1 cup Creamy all natural peanut butter
-32 oz. plain OR vanilla yogurt


Directions- Slightly melt the peanut butter in a microwave safe dish- Then mix with the yogurt until completely incorporated. Here is the fun part, you can line a baking sheet with parchment paper and drop bundles for round treats or you can fill shaped silicone ice trays! Stick them in the freezer for couple of hours then enjoy!
P.S you can eat them too!

Want your pet to feel even more loved this month? Come into AGA for our “Sweet as Sugar” Spa package! This package can be added to any groom or bath package. It includes:
-Roses and Love shampoo & conditioner
-Facial Massage
-Roses & Love Cologne
-PLUS FREE Valentine’s Day Themed pet treat!

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