Pet Groomers Say – Best Animal Career In The World
December 4, 2017
Students in the Pet Grooming Area
Top 10 Reasons To Become A Dog Groomer
December 4, 2017

Pet Groomer Job Description & Career Info

The description of what a Pet Groomer does, is outlined well here.  While most new groomers average the suggested salary range, when the job is commission based, groomer salary depends on where they work, how many dogs they do per day, and how talented a groomer is at customer engagement. Around the country, the average cost of grooming a small to medium size dog  averages $50. Most groomers average 6 dogs a day. If paid 50% commission, a five day week would gross $1500 ($750 per week or $3000 per month).  The average salary stated in the article seems to be lower than what most groomers in the field are earning.

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