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March 24, 2018
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March 24, 2018

History Of Pet Grooming

If you were wondering how the Pet Grooming industry got its start, this article lays out Pet Grooming history from its very beginning., to the industry as a business, as well as predictions for the future This is a one of a kind, very informative timeline of how the industry came to be the booming  business opportunity  of today. ~ LINDA HEALY


Many reference materials attest to man’s fondness of pets, but no books trace the origins of pet grooming. However, there are occasional references that shed light on the art of pet grooming. Ferdinand Mery, authored The Dog (London, 1970). In it, he established that dogs were first perceived as useful to man as early as 4240 B.C. Mery mentions unusual religious totems with dogs depicted in their sculpture. As centuries passed the dog eventually became commonly accepted as a pet, and is now considered “man’s best friend.”

In past centuries, pets have lived comfortably in the castles of Kings and Queens. They have served as working dogs in the marketplace and traveled with entertainment groups. Art from the fourteenth through eighteenth century depicts small dogs and cats near the footstools of ladies of the Court. In other paintings small pets sit with their masters on lounges and chairs. Another shows a young man standing next to his spaniel. Frequently, the images depict larger breeds sitting on the floor next to their masters.

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