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March 24, 2018
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March 24, 2018

The Gifts Of Grooming

I have to agree, Grooming as a career is a gift, for many reasons. I am grateful for my career of over 30 years, and the doors that Dog Grooming has opened to me.  Through it sounds too good to be true, for the right person, Dog grooming is a job you can love doing  every day, that’s a fact. ~LINDA HEALY


During the holiday season, I spend more time than usual thinking about things I am grateful for. One of those things is my long-time career of pet grooming.

Even though groomers deal with more poop and odiferous bodily fluids than most professionals, and beside the fact that pet grooming is not very glamorous, there are a lot of amazing things that come along with being a part of this industry. Here are some that top my list:

• “Playing” with animals all day. We joke that the general public has no idea how complex and challenging our work really is, and that is true. But, bottom line? We really do get to spend most of our waking hours with animals. From wiggle–butt puppies that wash our faces while we wash theirs, to stately seniors who bring calm and wisdom with them when they grace our tables, having this much time around pets is a blessing beyond compare.

• Interactions with kind people. Of course, not every client we encounter is a joy to deal with, but many animal lovers are just great folks, and meeting so many nice humans because of working with animals is a gift. Here is an example. My daughter and I were planning her wedding. It was to be a casual, farm affair, but she did want to serve the meal on mismatched, vintage china plates. I mentioned this to a few customers and word got out. Pretty soon people were showing up to grooming appointments with a pretty dish or two in hand. (“I found this at Goodwill”, or, “bought it at a yard sale,” or, “it was my great aunt’s.”) Soon every dish had a kind story attached to it. I believe that groomers meet a higher percentage of wonderful humans than people who have other careers do.

Read More: https://www.groomertogroomer.com/the-gifts-of-grooming/

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