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April 17, 2018
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April 25, 2018

Dog Bathing 101

Every Groomer knows how to bathe a dog, right? The basic bath, makes all the difference when it comes to the finished look of the dog. When a dog isn’t bathed well, it’s like ironing muddy pants, and a good finish becomes more difficult. Even if you are doing a good job, I have a few tips that may make your bathing easier.Read the article to learn:

  • Pre-grooming – Taking 15 minutes of pre-grooming to shave or brush out mats and dead hair, will insure the dog is clean to the skin
  • Before your dog goes in the tub – make sure to have everything reading including the towel
  • In the tub – make sure to use a gentle shampoo for the face no matter what you choose for the body

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