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December 3, 2014

December Tips & Tricks 2014

Paw Pad Care! December and the following winter months are hard on not only us but our pets. Cold weather can wreak havoc on a dogs paw pads. Learning to take care of your pets feet during the cold weather […]
December 3, 2014

Homemade Holiday Cookie Special!

Treat your pet to Homemade Holiday Cookies! [ul style=”3″] [li]Homemade Holiday Cookie Shampoo & Conditioner[/li] [li]Warm Blueberry Cobbler Facial[/li] [li]Tooth Brushing[/li] [li]Homemade Holiday Cookie Cologne[/li] [li]Plus FREE  Homemade Holiday Cookies for your pet![/li] [/ul]   All for ONLY $12.99! ** […]
November 21, 2014

Turkey Day Tips & Tricks!

November is a wonderful time of year for your family and your pet! At American Grooming Academy we want you and your pet safe all holiday season! Check out our tips and tricks this month! Avoid a Turkey Tragedy! There […]
November 15, 2014

November 2014 Academy News Story

November is a great month at American Grooming Academy! We are gearing up for the busy holiday season and teaching our newest students about the do’s and don’ts of pet styling during the holidays! We are also celebrating a special […]
November 5, 2014

November 2014 Spa Package

Be Thankful Spa Special! Our Pet Grooming Special in Temecula includes: [ul style=”3″] [li]Gingerbread Cookie Shampoo[/li] [li]Re-Moisturizing Conditioner[/li] [li]Tooth Brushing[/li] [li]Berry Facial[/li] [li]Gingerbread Cologne[/li] [li]FREE “BE THANKFUL” Wishbone Chew!![/li] [/ul] ALL for only $11.99! *Must purchase a full service groom or […]
October 24, 2014

Fall Tips & Tricks!

Fall Tips & Tricks! Fall is a great time of year for your pets! The heat of summer has faded away and the chill of winter is a few weeks away! This month we are giving you some tips and tricks […]
August 1, 2014

Traveling Tips & Tricks

Traveling With Your Pet, Made Easy! This month, American Grooming Academy is giving you Tips and Tricks on how to travel with your pets! Vacation Spots Many American points of interest have also become destinations for your four-legged friend. More […]
August 1, 2014

Diversity Academy Newstory 2014

This month American Grooming Academy is celebrating the diversity of our students! For close to five years The American Grooming Academy has been educating people of all ages in the art of pet styling. Our innovative techniques, hands on approach, […]
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