Certified Professional Pet Groomers

Marre Prestigiacomo, Grooming Services Coordinator

American Grooming Academy

My association with AGA began in 2011. I had a 23 year career in the Apparel Manufacturing industry in Los Angeles. The recession forced my company of 12 years to sell. I took the grant money for training to pursue a career in Pet Grooming. My main love is cats and figured if I could groom dogs I could cats. The month of my graduation from AGA it was discovered that I had a malignant melanoma. I kept in contact with Angela and in August of 2017 she offered me a position in more of an administrative roll. I'm trying to grow the Mobile Grooming division of AGA while manning the front desk. I love animals and most thrilling of all is taking a groomed dog to the pet parent. The dogs smell so good and are so happy to see pet parents. I feel Blessed to have a position at AGA and enjoy every day I go to work. In my personal life I have three grown sons and a daughter who pursued a Vet Tech Associate degree and works for Best Friends as a Cat Caregiver of ill cats!

Juliet Blake, Grooming Services Team Lead

American Grooming Academy

I have been a professional Pet stylist since graduating from American Grooming Academy in July of 2016. I have salon experience as well as mobile grooming experience. Coming from a retail background helped me to realize that dogs are easy, it’s making people happy that is the tricky part! I have two dogs of my own Sprocket & Mavis, both are incredibly spoiled and teach me everyday new ways to love and learn. They are a huge reason why I chose grooming as my career. I do my best to treat every dog I interact with the same way I would treat my own, with nothing but love. When I’m not grooming or at a dog park, you’ll find me at Disneyland with my husband. A bubbly personality, a hair color to match it, Juliet is AGA’s own Rock Star!

Kayla Rose, Certified Pet stylist

Academy Assistant

Hi! I go by "Red", and the reason is pretty obvious. I think the name fits me pretty well, since I'm AGA's own creative Pet Stylist! I love pet color application and other creative grooming styles, and I couldn't enjoy it more. My two favorite things in the world are art and dogs, and I'm so happy to be able to combine my passions into one career! I love when I get to do something fun and unique with a dog, but honestly, any day I get puppy kisses is a good day.

Christina Toscas, Certified Pet Stylist

American Grooming Salon and Mobile Grooming

Christina graduated from AGA in 2017. She went to work for a private grooming salon in San diego. When AGA was in need of some new assistants we called christina and offered her a position. Little did we know she had a knack for helping the students as well as grooming. Making her a perfect addition to AGA. She also accompanies Director Angela Clark to many outings because she represents AGA so well!

Desiree Reyes, Certified Pet Stylist

American Grooming Salon

Desiree Graduated AGA this past summer. She worked hard in High school and coming to AGA to graduate. This hard worker so impressed us with her dedication we offered her a position before she even graduated. We were not taking a chance on losing her!

Katelyn Spero, Certified Pet Stylist

American Grooming Salon

Before coming to AGA Katelyn worked as a bather/kennel attendant/receptionist. There I learned everything I needed to know to be able to bathe a dog as well as quickly dry them so that the groomers were able to get them finished. I mainly worked with the big dogs due to my being able to pick them up and handle them easily. I've just graduated from American Grooming Academy as a Professional Groomer. I was hired while still working as a student which helped me realize how much I really enjoyed grooming dogs. All of the leadership and teaching from my instructors is greatly appreciated and I hope to become as good as them one day. I very much enjoy the environment of my workplace and I love being able to work with the students and help them in any way that I can.

Lindsay Alvarado, Certified Grooming Bather/Brusher

American Grooming Salon

Lindsay graduated from AGA this past summer. She has a passion for animals of all kinds and loves the grooming environment. She is a favorite on the busy staff weekends and an asset to our teams. Lindsay has a Small mixed breed dog she adores and her favorite thing about AGA besides the dog, is all the staff… “I just love them all!”

Michele Gess, Certified Pet Stylist

Mobile Grooming Salon

Michelle graduated from AGA and became a private Pet stylist in Temecula. She returned to AGA in the fall to become our newest Mobile Pet stylists. Michelle bring a peaceful personality that will be an asset in the mobile salon. Her energy is calming to all animals making her an amazing pet stylist.
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