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A Growing Business

Pet Services and Pet Grooming continue to boom as an industry. This is an interesting article that tells the story of a successful mid life career change, and the rewards of making the leap to do something that you love. It is full of good industry information,  and of interest for Pet Stylists to be. `LINDA HEALY


Midcareer changes are not uncommon on Wall Street, but when Tania Isenstein quit her job at Goldman Sachs in 2012, her family and friends were shocked by what path she opted for instead: pet care.

“I just couldn’t get myself out of bed in the morning,” she recalled of the job burnout she felt, 17 years into a career as a lawyer for the investment bank.

So she bought Camp Canine, a struggling pet care business on the street where she lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and where she had taken her own dog.


Five years later, she employs 40 people, including five groomers.

Many owners and workers in the pet care sector describe similar feelings, realizing that working with animals, and getting a creative outlet in the process, is their true calling. And, when it comes to pet groomers in particular, their number is growing.

Read More: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/04/in-pet-grooming-a-growing-business-and-competitive-landscape.html

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