Holiday Poinsettia Poison: What Are The Facts?

While there are many different plants and vegetables that are toxic to our domesticated dogs and cats, some get worse raps than others. Day Lilys and Poinsettias are among the most common around certain holidays.

The Poinsettia

Poinsettias are a popular holiday plant that many families have all over their homes and their properties. They ARE mildly toxic to domesticated dogs and cats. The milky white sap found in poinsettias contains chemicals called diterpenoid euphorbol esters and saponin-like detergents. Mild signs of toxin ingestion can cause vomiting, drooling, or rarely, diarrhea may be seen.

The Debate

To have a poinsettia or to not have a poinsettia?
Well, Christmas decorations, in general, cause some concerns when it comes to pets. Tensil, glass balls, and pine trees can cause many problems to our domesticated dogs and cats. Poinsettias are toxic but in small amounts, so one or two plants put high on a shelf or a table shouldn’t be too much of a risk. More than likely your pet will get into wrapped presents and ornaments on the tree over an unassuming plant. So being Christmas wise maybe more beneficial for all decorations. You know your pets better than anyone else. So if you know that little boy (dog or cat) with the twinkle in his eye is checking out the stocking on the fireplace, it may be good to put it away for a few days until the “new” factor has worn off. Protect your pets from electric shock by making sure all lighted elements are out of reach of your pet and make sure anything you see changed or odd about your decorations or your pet’s behavior is attended to!
Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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