karenBeing a part of American Grooming Academy is not only fulfilling, but makes us better as instructors, animal advocates, and pet stylist. so when we have the opportunity to share the great thing we have here with other professionals in the field, we take full advantage of it. At AGA we love our partners and this month’s academy news story is about one of those great people who partner with us to teach!

Karen Furtado is an amazing pet stylist. She has been grooming since 1997, apprenticed with a show groomer. After which she moved to Arizona and was hired at Petco. Knowing that pet styling was her passion she apprenticed under Sharron Scott. she attended many seminars on how to master breeds, including poodle , bichon, and  terrier.Before long she became a grooming manager at Petco and that’s when she met our President, Angela Clark. Angela took Karen under her wing and  “groomed me into a regional grooming training manager, a position I knew I could excel at!” Karen constantly yearned to learn new things so she also taught pet styling and pet training. Karen was then ready to take her International Professional Groomers Association Master Groomer Certification where she excelled again. After she decided to move to Hilo, Hawaii to start her very own grooming Salon.

karen_2Working with pets was always Karen’s passion, “You can never be in a bad mood because there is always some dog doing something silly, and I always wanted to bring my dogs to work that was the biggest factor in starting my own business!”

Karen is an AGA mentor! She opens her shop to AGA graduates who want to apprentice under her in beautiful Hawaii! When we asked Karen what was the best part about being an AGA mentor she said, “I feel like passing on the knowledge that is the accumulation of 17 years the best quality I can instil! I always want to teach pride in your work and honesty to the pets, people and work around you!”

shear_magicKaren’s Grooming Salon called Shear Magic on the island of Hilo was and still is her baby.  What was the hardest part about Shear Magic and opening it on the island? “Finding trustworthy people on the island!!!!  The shipping was 40-50 percent markup, from kennels to crates and towels to shampoo!” Karen not only teaches our students but whomever is lucky enough to work with her. We asked her what advice she would give all our current students about opening their own shop in the future- “Work your tail off!  Do your homework and have a plan! Make sure all of your background stuff fits. Have enough funding to survive the initial year or two,  AND MOST of all don’t be scared!”


Even though Karen and Shear Magic give our students an incredible opportunity we want to know that we are making a difference in her life too. We asked her what she gets from mentoring.  “I am really good at making really good groomers. I think a lot of the groomers I train are better then me and that makes me really happy. I really like giving opportunity, especially to women and giving them a career for a lifetime!”

If you would like information about becoming a student at American Grooming Academy please visit www.americangroomingacademy.com!


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