Pet Grooming School Instructors

Our Pet Grooming School instructors are driven by their passion for teaching, their experience in the real working world and their insight gained from their research to educate.

Angela Clark, President, ICMC,CMCG , MCGC

International Certified Master Groomer, Certified Master Cat Groomer, Master Cat Groomer Certifer


Leading a 30+ year career involving pets and their people Angela Clark is a leader in the pet industry. Starting at a modest privet pet grooming shop as a bather brusher, it was through dedication, passion, training, an obtaining a BA in business administration from Sacramento state University that Angela became the owner and operator of a successful Pet Grooming Salon and Retail Store. Angela also motivated and managed a multi million dollar national company holding positions such as, Salon Pet Stylist, Salon Manager, Grooming Training Center manager, Regional Pet Services Manager and National Mobile Service Manager. Since opening the doors of American Grooming Academy Angela has become a Certified Master Groomer through International Professional Pet Groomers association, an IPG Practical Certifier, A Professional Cat Groomers Association of America Certified Feline Stylist and Practical Certifier. She is also Certified for Pet CPR through Pet Tech. Angelas career is long and she has many advantages but the most important is her love for pets. An avid animal lover and especially the AGA mascot Poodle breed, Angela wants everyone who has a dream of working with pets to be able to make that dream reality!

Career Highlights:
1996-2009 National Pet Supply and Retail Company. San Diego, CA
2007-2009 NATIONAL MOBILE SERVICES MANAGER- New Business Venture
2000-2006 REGIONAL PET SERVICES MANAGER – West Coast, South
1996-1999 GROOMING SALON MANAGER, Saint Cloud, MN
VILLAGE GROOMING, Fair Oaks, CA Owner – Owner/Operator
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Kabrina Marchant, Theoretical Instructor

Potential Student Recruiter - American Grooming Academy

Kabrina Marchant Is a Certified Master Instructor through Canine Approved Groomers. A Pet stylist Career 20 years in the making Kabrina “Kat” Marchant has worked for a national retailer holding positions of Pet Groomer, Pet Grooming Salon Manager, and Grooming Salon trainer. Also holding a District Salon Training Manager for 5 years. Kat is a Certified Master Groomer through International Professional Pet Groomers Association, A Certified Feline Groomer. Kat also holds a Master's Degree from Cal Poly Pomona and two bachelor's degrees. A successful business owner and rescue advocate, Kats 20 plus year career brings knowledge and experience in all things regarding the art of pet styling, writing curriculum, and owning a business. One of Kats favorite sayings is, “That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”. Abraham Lincoln
One of Kabrina’s favorite sayings is “That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”. Abraham Lincoln

Darla Greer, Instructor

American Grooming Academy

I'm an AGA graduate and I'm an instructor at American Grooming. Upon graduation I was hired at a salon where I groomed for a couple years before coming back to AGA as a professional groomer. A few months passed and we discovered that I had a knack for teaching and working with the students. Which is how I became an instructor. When I'm not teaching grooming I'm at home with my kids and my 4 dogs and 1 cat. I'm currently working on my master groomers certification and Instructor certification through “Canine Approved Groomers.”

Pam Brumley, Office Manager

American Grooming Academy

Pam is the Pet Grooming Schools office manager. She started out helping with a rescue that AGA groomed for and many times Pam would be at the academy on the weekends helping with rescue dogs. Her love for pets and her background in office work made her the best choice for a new office manager. Pam has been an asset to all things pet grooming and student related, she loves, pets, people and AGA so she made a perfect fit!
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