Upcoming Events

All events and workshops sponsored by American Grooming Academy are free of charge for AGA alumni unless otherwise noted.

Mon. July 8th

MSJC Bather and Professional Pet Stylist Orientation Course

This is an in-depth course designed to build confidence in knowledge and technical skills to get you started in an entry-level position in the Professional Pet Industry. The course includes the application of all technical skills necessary to brush, bathe, and apply proper drying techniques for all dog breeds and coat types. During this course, you will learn and put into practice the basic methods of scissoring and clipping for correct anatomy of the dogs eye's, ears , nose, and feet in addition to sanitary clipping and teeth brushing. Students will understand time management, pet handling and proper customer service and animal care.

Professional Pet Stylist
This course is designed to build confidence through knowledge and technical skills to launch you into the Pet Industry as a Professional Pet Stylist upon graduation. Students will be taught everything offered in the Professional Dog Bather course, AND learn proper use of grooming tools to perform skilled techniques in clipping, thinning shear use, scissoring, and de-shedding. Students will learn the AKC Breed Groups and Body Patterns as wells as how to groom mixed breeds while applying creativity, balance, symmetry and proper expression to all. This course is design for those who want a career working with pets in the pet industry!

Monday July 8th | 6PM - 8PM
31285 Temecula Parkway Suite 190, Temecula CA

Sat. August 3rd & Sun. August 4th

Cat Grooming Workshop

American Grooming Academy offers a 2 Day Cat Grooming Workshop. Includes presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on training. This workshop is open to all levels of experience: from the professional groomer to the cat pet owner who wants to learn how to care for their cat's grooming needs. All are welcomed! Cats provided for grooming!

Presenter: Angela Clark, Certified Master Cat Groomer

Day 1:
Powerpoint Presentation
Live Demonstration

Day 2:
Hands-On Training

Price: $350
AGA Students/Alumni: $250

Saturday August 3rd and Sunday August 4th | 9AM - 2PM
31285 Temecula Parkway Suite 190, Temecula CA