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Professional Groomers

American Grooming Academy

Marre Prestigiacomo, Grooming Services Coordinator

My association with AGA began in 2011. I had a 23 year career in the Apparel Manufacturing industry in Los Angeles. The recession forced my company of 12 years to sell. I took the grant money for training to pursue a career in Pet Grooming. My main love is cats and figured if I could groom dogs I could cats. The month of my graduation from AGA it was discovered that I had a malignant melanoma. I kept in contact with Angela and in August of 2017 she offered me a position in more of an administrative roll. I'm trying to grow the Mobile Grooming division of AGA while manning the front desk. I love animals and most thrilling of all is taking a groomed dog to the pet parent. The dogs smell so good and are so happy to see pet parents. I feel Blessed to have a position at AGA and enjoy every day I go to work. In my personal life I have three grown sons and a daughter who pursued a Vet Tech Associate degree and works for Best Friends as a Cat Caregiver of ill cats!

American Grooming Salon and Mobile Grooming

Christina Toscas, Certified Pet Stylist

Christina graduated from AGA in 2017. She went to work for a private grooming salon in San diego. When AGA was in need of some new assistants we called christina and offered her a position. Little did we know she had a knack for helping the students as well as grooming. Making her a perfect addition to AGA. She also accompanies Director Angela Clark to many outings because she represents AGA so well!

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