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American Grooming Academy

In 2009 the American Grooming Academy came into existence based on strong predictions for growth in the animal care and service industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics research shows careers in fields related to animals are slated to increase by more than 25% by 2024. Demand for professional pet service employees, which includes groomers in all capacities, will continue to grow; a perfect opportunity for our students to achieve career goals across the country.

As Professionals with many years of experience, training and certification, it is our pleasure to lead students to a successful future as skilled and practiced graduates in their chosen curriculum.

The primary goal of American Grooming Academy is to develop in our students the highest possible degree of technical and professional competence in the pet grooming industry. 

American Grooming Academy is the “RIGHT” Choice!

We are educating the future Leaders of the Pet Care Industry!

Contact us or call and ask for one of our Admission Advisers for assistance!
Call: (888) 550- WASH (9274).

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Ask Yourself

  • Are you searching for a career that you can be passionate about?
  • Do you enjoy helping animals and educating people?
  • Are you interested in earning a good living, in an animal career, that offers variety, flexibility,
  • creativity, and is in high demand nationwide?
  • Do your career goals include owning or managing your own business someday?
  • Are you ready to commit to less than 16 weeks of schooling to do what you love, and love what you do?

Here are some of the great reasons why students are making the RIGHT choice when choosing

American Grooming Academy

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top quality career training for passionate students

  • Our instructors have real-world experience.

    Our instructors are qualified professionals with industry-specific expertise. So you get the benefit of real-world knowledge and gain the kind of practical insights that can’t be learned from a textbook.

  • We give you practical hands-on career training.

    We think it’s important to practice what you’re learning. That’s why we incorporate hands-on training into all our programs. You’ll learn better and quicker by doing the work than you will just sitting in a lecture room.

  • We offer several payment options to fund your education.

    We know how important it is to have the right financial support. That’s why we have trained Admission Advisors to help assist you through the application process and discuss our payment options.

  • We assist our graduates in finding a job after graduation

    At American Grooming Academy, training you for a career doesn’t stop at graduation. We are dedicated in helping you reach your goals by assisting you in find the right match.

  • Do you desire to own your own business after graduation?

    At American Grooming Academy we have programs available to the graduates the will help and support them achieve their independent goals. Whether you desire to be the owner of a Grooming Salon or Mobile Grooming. Service, we have the expertise and experience to share with you through our Business Select programs.

  • We are interested in supporting the future of your career.

    We continue to support you and the future of your career after graduation, through our “Career Development Seminars” offered to the professionals in the pet industry.

  • Employers recognize the quality of well informed and trained graduates.

    Employers understand that our graduates have the kind of career training it takes to succeed in their chosen profession.

Affiliations and Memberships


Southern California Professional Groomers Association
P.O. Box 728
La Puente, CA 91747


International Professional Groomers, INC.
6475 Wallace Road NW
Salem, OR 97304
P: (530)581-1220


Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce
26790 Ynez Court
Temecula, CA 92591
P: (951)676-5090 
F: (951)694-0201


National Dog Groomers Association of American
NDGAA P.O Box 101, Clark Pennsylvania 16113
P: (724) 962-2711

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