Advanced Professional Pet Stylist

Advanced Professional Pet Stylist

Achieve the success of Advanced Stylist Skills AND follow your passion by choosing your career path! This course is a combination of the subject matter and technical application offered in the Professional Bather and Professional Pet Stylist course AND teaches Advanced skills and knowledge for higher accomplishment in the Pet Industry for those serious-minded looking to the highest level of career development.

Includes Professional Bather and Professional Pet Stylist milestones 1-11

Milestone 12

  • Advanced Clipper Techniques

  • Advanced Styles and Patterns

Milestone 13

  • Professional Advanced Hand Stripping, Scissoring and Styling Techniques

  • Introduction to Show Grooming Styles and Patterns

  • Camouflaging for Proper Confirmation

  • Creative Grooming and Coloring Techniques

  • Balance and Symmetry (corrective grooming)

Milestone 14

  • Career and Business Plan Development

  • Building Your Business for Success!

  • Choose Your Career Path: Enroll NOW!

    • Pet Stylist – Small Business or Corporation
    • Salon Manager – Small Business or Corporation
    • Salon Business Owner/Operator
    • Mobile Pet Groomer
    • Mobile Pet Grooming Business Owner

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