Alumni Stories Three

Alumni - Page Three - Where Are They Now?


Robert Helsel

Roberts favorite dogs to groom are Maltese and Maltipoo. “I've been doing a lot of these and I like the way they look when they are done. I did one last week and when I finished the head looked so cool and fit so well on the dog and I was like, I did this?” We are quite excited to see where Robert is when his training is complete and when we asked him how he would get male friend of his to come into AGA with him for a day he stated, “Just come with me, and don't worry about the stereotypes, if you're like dogs then why not?”

Robert now runs a private grooming salon out of his home and he has never been happier to groom right in the comfort of his own place!


Misty Modgling

Misty Modgling is a certified pet stylist. She graduated from American Grooming Academy. Long before this turn of events, Misty made a decision… She made a decision that many others before her have made, to start her own business and her own career! Misty wanted to be in charge of her life, schedule and work ethic. So she did something brave, she stopped everything to go to pet stylist academy!

This kind of determination is rare in students. In the years since American Grooming Academy has been open, we have only had a handful of students complete the course in such a short amount of time! Not only did Misty complete the course but she did it with flying colors, making her one of the strongest students we have had at balancing learning, skill, and course completion.

Misty recently opened her mobile grooming business knowing exactly what she wanted to do. Believing that the small enclosed, self-sustained, mobile grooming unit was a calm, and safe environment for her clients, she decided before she even graduated that mobile was the way she wanted to go. 

We salute you Misty! Congratulations on making your dreams come true! We are proud and honored to call you Alumna!


Connie Sasaki

Connie Sasaki came to American Grooming Academy with one thing in mind! Being with animals! Connie had always wanted to work with animals. Her creative side called to her, especially with long or curly coated dogs. Connie came to American Grooming Academy slightly quiet and shy. That all changed during the morning Bow Seminar Lecture!

She is still grooming on a small scale but her Etsy shop is doing amazing!


David Callison

David is your ruff and tumble kind of guy. Tattooed, tall and kind, David has been a breath of fresh air in AGA. David thinks the easiest thing to accomplish was his bathing skills. The hardest thing for David to learn surprised us. “ The Hardest thing was learning how to hold the dog for proper grooming, It was so important because your only have one of two outcomes. The way you hold them either makes them comfortable which is what you want or it makes them stressed. Learning how to hold on any particular dog takes some practice.”

David is working as a pet stylist and still doing amazing on all types of breeds!

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