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Success Story: Irma

Here in California, Hispanic culture is everywhere. From your favorite street festival to many Mexican american restaurants and places to shop, Southern California is known for its diversity! Many, many Hispanic women are going back to school and learning trades, being able to help the family and make better lives ...
puppy mill awareness month

Puppy Mill Awareness Month

California the First State to Ban the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs Puppy Mill -nounderogatory1. an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane On October 14th, 2017, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law legislation that prevents the sale of ...

Wildfires: Preparing for the Unthinkable

Living in Southern California means leaving with the threat of wildfire. With this year's fire season behind us, a lot of people were left wondering “what if it was us” after social media and news stories documented many life-threatening and tragic stories of families and their pets. There is one ...

Holiday Poinsettia Poison: What Are The Facts?

While there are many different plants and vegetables that are toxic to our domesticated dogs and cats, some get worse raps than others. Day Lilys and Poinsettias are among the most common around certain holidays. The Poinsettia Poinsettias are a popular holiday plant that many families have all over their ...

Whats The Scoop on Raw Food?

Here at AGA, both the Professional Pet Stylists and the Advanced Professional Pet Stylists must complete a class called “Dog Food and Nutrition”. This class is designed to teach our students what healthy dogs need to survive and thrive. It also teaches students about the dog food industry, what the ...
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Another Set of Eyes: What Your Pet Stylist Can See

You may be wondering what your pet stylist has to do with keeping your pet healthy apart from keeping them well groomed and matt-free. But many times your pets stylist has the knowledge to inform the pet owner of changes in their pet or their pet's body. Being a pet ...
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November Tips and Tricks

With the holidays coming there are many things your pets can get into that can harm them! Turkey, candy, and even too much pumpkin can make your holidays a mess. Follow AGA’s tips and tricks this month to help with the all-too-rushed holiday season! Toxic Plants! There are many toxic ...
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Totally Turkey Spa! November

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Are You Ready to Start your own Grooming Business?

In my 40 years in the pet industry I can confirm that being your own boss can be very demanding, yet wonderfully exciting. The truth be told, it isn’t for everyone. This self-assessment is a tool for your assurance that you are suited for entrepreneurship, both, personally and professionally. This ...

October Tips and Tricks

October is the scary month of the year! With Halloween decorations and a change in the weather, we all start to look forward to the holidays! Many pets and owners enjoy this month full of tiny sized candy and thrilling costumes but for your pet, it can really be the ...
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