High School Graduate Scholarship

2023/2024 High School Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to persons who are a 2023/2024 High School Graduate, and who are now pursuing a career in professional pet grooming. American Grooming Academy will award tuition funds of up to $1,000 depending on which pet Stylist program is chosen. Follow these instructions to be considered for this scholarship program sponsored by American Grooming Academy.

Eligibility Requirements: these conditions must be true for scholarship eligibility;

  • High School Graduate 2023/2024
  • Meet American Grooming Academy Admission Requirements for in the catalog.
  • Accepted for either the American Grooming Academy Professional Pet Stylist Program 320 hrs or Advance Professional Pet Stylist 480 hrs.

This document specifies all the important terms and qualification. The information below will guide you through some of the important issues and considerations included in this document.

Party Information 
Begin by entering the name,address of the Recipient, phone number and email address., include the full legal name. Include letters of reference and contact information from 2 personal references. Document any work or volunteer. Include transcripts from all educational institutes attended and any letters of reference. Submit a 600 essay on one of the following questions.

Essay Questions; choose one, write 600 word essay to submit with application.

  1. Explain a point in your life when you felt you could really make a change in the world and why it was significant or important and how it shaped your growing up.
  2. Reflect back to the earliest memory you have of loving an animal. Explain the circumstances of the love growing or changing and explain the life and death of that pet.
  3. Write about a teacher or peer who made an extensive impact on your high school career. What were the circumstances, what changes did you make for the better, explained in detail.
  4. Explain how the AGA scholarship would make a positive impact on your life, including what a career in the pet field would mean to you.

Submitting your application
After completing the application, sign the document. When the document has been signed make a copy to keep for yourself.

Mail signed copy to:
Attention School President
American Grooming Academy
31285 Temecula Parkway, Suite 190
Temecula, CA 92592

You will be notified by mail from American Grooming Academy within 10 days of application receipt with award information.

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