Judy Breton, CMG, CKO

Director of Grooming and Special Services

"I have known Angela Clark for at least 10 years now. We have worked together putting programs together to promote the grooming business in a professional manner. Angela has always shown her professional side and her ability to problem solve to come to winning results. Her skills of organizing programs in a timely manner have always been impressive. Her knowledge and experience of grooming come from many years of hands-on work with pets and students, which you cant just learn from books. Angela has experience in all aspects of the grooming industry. I have watched Angela working with students and then working with instructors and she is always positive and supportive a great learning environment. Her smile will always show you how much she enjoys her work."

World Pet Association, Inc

Maddie Mc Clure

"I would recommend American Grooming Academy to my friends by telling them the experience and confidence you gain is extremely important in furthering your education. Everyone there from students to staff and alumni are always willing to help and show you if you don't understand how to do a specific thing. This makes it the best choice when you want to be in a small class size and have your skills tested and retested each day. This makes you the best pet stylist possible!"

Chelsea Sullivan

"I chose AGA because I really wanted to get serious about becoming a pet stylist.. After looking into this school and booking a Potential Student Tour, I chose to attend because the instructors are really hands-on. Also the fact that the academy teaches you not only the art of grooming, but also educates you about all the important things a professional, educated pet stylist needs to know."

Diana Robinson

Business Owner, Wildomar, CA

"Hi my name is Diana; I have been a friend and a college of Angela Clark for over 13 years. We both worked for Petco Animal Supplies Inc. for 12 years and during my time with Petco, I worked for Angela as a Satalight Grooming Training Manager and Grooming Salon Manager. Angela has taught me a lot about the grooming industry and has always been by my side with her expertise. I am proud to say that she has been and still is an asset to me and hopefully will soon be for you too. Angela is a great teacher and instructor who cares deeply regarding the animals and in her care and their grooming. I now have my own mobile grooming business going on my fourth year and going strong. I owe a lot of my success to Angela and the training, knowledge, and support I received from her. We finally are getting what this industry needs, the perfect grooming instructor and grooming training programs through Angela Clark at American Grooming Academy” Thanks to Angela Clark,"

Zarren Pasa

60 years old, Business owner

"I originally searched for a Grooming School online. Even though there seemed to be a few Mom and Pop schools training, I was most interested in AGA because of its close proximity to my home and its California State licensing through the BPPE. When I toured the School, I was impressed with the School and the friendliness of the students and staff. Also, on that day, there was an older female student bathing a dog in the bathing room and that made me comfortable knowing that I was not the only 50 something considering a career change to pet styling!"

Karen Furtado, Business Owner

Shear Magic Pet Salon, Hilo, HI 76720

"Aloha! I am Karen Furtado the owner of Shear Magic Pet Salon Boutique and Dog Training located in Hilo, HI. Prior to my return to the great State of HI in 2005, I had the opportunity to work for Petco Animal Supply Inc. for over 8 years. During my career with Petco, I held the positions of Pet Stylist, Grooming Salon Manager and the Grooming Training Manager of AZ. As the Grooming Training Manager of AZ, I became part of Angela Clark's Pet Services Team on the West Coast and had the opportunity to work first hand with Angela. This was a great experience both on a personal level and enhancing my career development. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in entering the professional grooming industry or wanting to developing their career further, in attending the programs offered at American Grooming Academy. You will not be disappointed!"

Jessica Larios, Owner

Sparkling Paws Mobile Pet Grooming

"The best part of going to AGA was the environment, it was always easy to fit into the flow of the day, no one is ahead of anyone else, we are all at our own pace, which makes learning less stressful. Also how experienced and knowledgeable the instructors are, they have a passion for us as students and for the trade of pet styling and that makes for a great teacher-student relationship."

Dennis Gnetz

Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions, President

"I have known Angela Clark for the past 4 years. During that time I have worked with Angela on a number of projects. Her knowledge of the grooming industry from her years of experience is very impressive. She also exhibits two of the most important characteristics of teaching others, which are patients and expertise in the art of pet grooming. Her years of management/training experience with Petco will allow her to provide students opportunities that few other schools can offer. If her students should choose to start their own business, Angela will be able to provide exceptional guidance."

Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions

Jamie Lee, Owner

Loving Paws Dog Grooming

"Angela has had an incredible impact in my life. She is a true Master Dog Groomer, and she understands the business aspect as well. Through her training at American Grooming Academy, she was giving me the knowledge, tools, understanding, and confidence to go out and start my own successful dog grooming business. I would recommend attending American Grooming Academy to anyone who aspires to be a great groomer." 

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