3 Day Cat Grooming Workshop

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Cat Grooming in Temecula

Pet grooming in Temecula is much more than a job, it’s a challenging career that is in demand. We understand the day in and day out struggles in your salon. There are the finicky kitties that love being pampered, and then there are the more challenging feline. We offer insight, experience and humane techniques in handling the difficult cat. We know the tricks of the trade and want to pass on our knowledge to you! Cats will be provided to work on during the workshop.

October 20, 21, 22 Seminar / Workshop: To Sign Up, click here

Day 1: 

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[li]Powerpoint Presentations [/li]
[li]Making Cat Grooming Profitable [/li]
[li]Feline Body Language: Understanding feline temperaments and behavior [/li]
[li]How to handle the Unexpected: Aggressive or feral cat: an Emergency [/li]
[li]Feline Breeds, colors, and coat types [/li]
[li]Feline health [/li]
[li]Covering all Study Guides [/li]
[li]Question and Answer Sessions [/li][/ul]


Day 2 and 3:

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[li]Live demonstrations and Hands On [/li]
[li]Various cat grooming techniques and handling skills [/li]
[li]Demonstration of Sanitary Clip, Belly Smoothie [/li]
[li]Modified Lion Cut and Lion Cut on a cat [/li][/ul]





3-Day Seminar – Early Bird Special sign up by October 1st
3-Day Seminar – After October 1st and at doorAla Cart:
1- Day Seminar/Workshop  ($100 per day)

 3 Day Seminar Pricing Includes

PCGAA Membership- 1 Year of Benefits Included
Learn How to Professionally Groom Cats, a Practitioners Guide – Teaching Manual $45.00
Study Guide #1 Feline Anatomy & Feline Body Language $45.00
Study Guide #2 Feline Medical Conditions & Stress Issues $45.00
Study Guide #3 Breed Characteristics & Unique Grooming $45.00
Study Guide #4 Humane Feline Handling & Groom Safety $45.00
Purchase the Manual and all 4 Study Guides at a SAVINGS! $200.00
Exams:  Either practical or written is included. You Choose! Brush & Bath Exam and Certificate or Study Guide #1 Feline Anatomy Written Exam One exam Included


If you wish to receive your Study Guides and Teaching Manual prior to the workshop, contact Kim Raisanen at procatgroomers@aol.com or call 440-554-6780 and they will be mailed to you.

Disclaimer: Due to the quality and integrity to this workshop, short breaks will be given throughout the day; therefore, no cell phones will be permitted in class. Children are not permitted in the workshop.

To Sign Up, click here

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