Family Pet Expo "MAKE-OVERS" Were a Huge Hit!

American Grooming Academy recently participated in the “Pet Adoption Make-Over” at the Family Pet Expo in Orange County, and we’re happy to say the event went off without a hitch!

Students from American Pet Expo, Amy Morrissey, Pam Morrissey and Rebekah Bernard came out to help “MAKE-OVER” the rescue pets to help them find new homes. During the 3 day event, over 450 dogs and over 100 cats were adopted!


The “MAKE-OVER” booth where volunteer groomers and American Grooming Academy students were stationed was busy “making-up” the adoptable pets, and they groomed over 135 dogs in three days! This is a great event with a great cause and we appreciate all of those who came out to help make a pet feel and small a bit better!

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