American Grooming Academy Graduates on the Move!

Graduates on the Move!


Johnny is headed back to the main land after a terrific opportunity and experience working in Hilo, Hawaii as a Pet Stylist at Shear Magic Pet Salon (owner Karen Furtato). Johnny will soon be returning to American Grooming Academy where she will be working as a Professional Pet Stylist in both the salon and mobile grooming.

Welcome back Johnny!


“Can’t believe this is my last day of work at Shear Magic Pet Salon. My time out here has been amazing! Very sad to leave but very excited to go home. I have learned so many new things, tried so many different foods and have seen such beautiful places.

Mahalo, Angela Clark  for giving me this awesome opportunity and for saving me a spot back home! Mahalo, Celecia Winder for taking care of my pride and joy for me, I know she can be a pain sometimes. I have made friends out here that will last a lifetime who I would consider family. Mahalo to you all for taking me in and showing me the ropes around the island, I am so grateful for being so welcomed here. Aloha! ♥” – Johnny

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