Jaynne Stitt's Story

American Grooming Academy is worth the Commute

Styling the poodle mix in the picture to the right is Jaynne Stitt. Jaynee is from Avila Beach, CA. She always wanted to work with pets as a career. When she found American Grooming Academy online, she knew that she had to start taking the courses in their Professional Pet Care Programs. Even with the 4 hour commute to Temecula 3 days a week, Jaynne knew that American Grooming Academy in Temecula was worth it. At American Grooming Academy, Jaynne could have all the proper training and earn her certifications so that she could work in the pet grooming industry.

Now, Jaynne is on her way to completing her Pet Stylist training and receiving her certifications. She will be graduating this December! Once she graduates, Jaynne plans to add the pet grooming service to her current Pet Nanny business in Avila Beach.

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