The holidays are in full force here at AGA

The holidays are in full force here at AGA and our students are getting a reality check of just what it means to be a professional pet stylist around the holidays! Here at American Grooming Academy, we strive to make the holidays bright, fun and educational to our academy students. We plan a holiday get together usually give back to the community and teach them that that safety and above all the good work and happy pets and people are the true magic of the season! Take a look at what some of our AGA students learn throughout their holidays with AGA.

Giving Back

One of the most important things to AGA is to give back to pets and people in our community! Every year we pick one or two charities to help out. Sometimes we pick a rescue and do a gift box with needed items for dogs and cats. We have also done a fundraiser for families that included lists of items that will help families through the holidays. We have also had a drive for the holidays for children and teens to have a Merry Christmas! Teaching our students that if you can give back, you should, is a very important life lesson. As professional Pet Stylists, they have a trade that can help them in their own communities and for causes and charities, they love!

Holiday CRAZY

The holidays are crazy. Folks coming into town you haven’t seen in a year. New Pets, new babies, new partners. Many of the yearly changes all come together during the holidays. Rushing for that perfect gift or perfection dinner can sometimes cause people to lose sight of what the true holidays entail. Understanding the hustle and bustle of the Professional Pet groomer life especially around the holidays is a great experience for students to have. “Our students learn to juggle the holiday pet grooming season, so students who come during the holiday months have a clear advantage from those in the summer months when it comes to having a holiday season under their belt!” Instructor Kat Marchant says.

Building a Team

Being a student at AGA doesn’t just mean you go off in a corner and groom. Building lasting, healthy, friendships in the grooming community is a big part of being an AGA alumnus. Never is there a time more apparent to learn how to build a successful, reliable team than during the holidays. Many times the students who learn together build a bond that helps them through stressful times, including the holiday grooming months when people want their pets completed quicker and need to save more money.

Time Management

Being able to successfully manage your grooming time is probably one of the most difficult things for a new pet stylist to master. Planning out the flow of your day is something that takes time and expertise. Never is this more apparent than during the holidays. To see a seasoned pet stylist run a “full to the brim salon” in an orderly, safe manner is something to see. Not only do our students get to see a seasoned professional in action, but they also get to be a part of the holiday rush and can learn while completing tasks! Our students learn how to plan and manage their grooming day, making them more successful pet students and amazing employees. So Take time this holiday season! Make sure you and your family have the best you can do and always look for ways to be kinder to pets and people!

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