Pet Grooming in Temecula (Top 5 Reasons)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose American Grooming Academy for your pet grooming in Temecula!

5. Save Your home from Hair and Dander.
At American Grooming Academy, our Pet groomers in Temecula have the proper tools and training to thoroughly remove undercoat, loose hair and cleanse skin to decrease shedding and dander.

4.  Your Pet will be More Comfortable.
American Grooming Academy’s Temecula pet groomers will properly remove matted hair, clean out waxy/hairy ears and trim long claws. When left unkempt these problems can lead to discomfort for your pet.

3. Protect Your Family’s Health.
American Grooming Academy’s pet groomers in Temecula may identify parasitic infestations such as fleas, ticks and tapeworms that can transmit diseases to people. Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Bartonellosis are examples of zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from animals to humans).

2. Detect Early Signs of Illness.
American Grooming Academy’s Temecula pet groomers could alert you to illnesses such as ear infections, tooth decay and skin conditions. Early detection and treatment can lead to more successful treatment outcomes.

1.  A visit to American Grooming Academy for your pet will create more Enjoyable Cuddle time.
While you relax, American Grooming Academy’s Pet groomers in Temecula create a clean, soft, sweet-smelling and more kissable companion.

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