2020 very first academy Newsletter

What an honor it is to present this 2020 very first academy Newsletter. This month we celebrate a shining star and one of the very first graduates of AGA. Back when we were a small academy with a big dream, Rachel Cassell entered. She was talented, sweet, and had big dreams of her own. As a 10-year instructor of AGA, I had Rachel as one of my very first students and I could not be more happy to share this story!

Rachel (lovingly known as “Raquel Welch” by Instructors Kat Marchant and Angela Clark) was a big presence those first few months at AGA. We had two grooming tables and three students. Rachel was the only full-time student at the time. “She absorbed everything, wanted to know why, when and how things worked. Not just grooming but the mobile van, dryers, customer service, things we didn’t have a set ‘curriculum’ for,” said Instructor Kat Marchant. “We knew Rachel would go far, we just didn’t know how far,” Director Angela Clark said of Rachel.

After starting and running a successful mobile for close to 10 years Rachel decided that her clients were done tolerating skin conditions, allergies, and bad coat problems. Rachel researched and started the Pets Be Well Company focusing her attention on the magic that comes from bees, their hives and the process of raising them.

The mission statement of the Pets Be Well company is:

The Pets Be Well Company is a local San Diego based company. We are Pet Professional owned and are dedicated to animals and their well-being. All our products are hand-blended in small batches and packaged with love for our four-legged friends. Our raw honey and all our ingredients are fully researched and carefully hand-selected based on their profound relieving and preventive properties to ensure your pets are naturally nourished.

We caught up with Rachel this month and not only asked her some important questions but AGA is also featuring her Sample Pack in this month’s Spa Package! Here is more about this amazing Alumnus and her holistic company!

As a graduate and successful business owner and AGA alumni what made you start the Pets Be Well Company?

Having over 20 years working with pets from my own pet boarding kennel to professional pet grooming, I found my client’s top need and conversations would always be itchy pets, Itchy paws, and pet allergies. I personally have fur clients who have tried everything recommend by their veterinarians that included harsh topical products with unknown ingredients, to injections, to oral medications, which are known to be harmful on the body, and pets would only receive temporary relief. After 7 years of just giving pets haircuts, I decided to be dedicated to helping pets get some relief naturally. I started my own research, reading articles and studies about how certain natural remedies could possibly help relieve some of my client’s pain, inflammation, itching, excessive licking of the paws, and more. I soon came across ancient remedies that stemmed from Bee manufactured ingredients.

What is the product and how do they work for pets?

While using From The Hive Bee Manufactured Ingredients like Raw Honey, Manuka Honey, Propolis, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Bees Wax, each ingredient and product offers a variety of all-natural holistic pet care remedies; ranging from skin & hot spot sprays and hot spot remedy butters, allergy relief remedies, snout & paw butters, hyperkeratosis butter, paw & body “itchy skin “and “yeasty skin” soaks, to our 3rd party lab-tested certified organic “BeWell Oil“ HEMP CBD, and other CBD enriched honey, butters, pet soaks and our specialty ear cleanser that helps relieve yeast, odors, and inflammation naturally.

What is the future plan for the company and how are you going to meet the goals you made for yourself?

As a new company, we are devoted to continuing to evolve into a high quality, a well known natural pet wellness company, that not only helps pets but helps educate pet owners on our natural handpicked and hand-blended bee made ingredients that we infuse in our products. We plan to grow our specialty pet product line with many more topical remedies from shampoo to sprays, all the way to natural animal supplements using the same foundational From Hive Ingredients we started from. As a growing company, from the start we made a promise to our biggest business partner, the Honey Bee’s; no matter how small or large we may become, we will always give back to our humble makers “the honey Bees.” We will help be a voice and spread awareness on the importance of Honey Bee conservancy and we plan to keep that our promise.

Here at AGA we couldn’t be more proud of Rachel and all she has accomplished. To check out the Pet Be Well Company check out their online store! https://thepetsbewellcompany.com/

Also, add the Pet Be Well Spa packed to your pet grooming or bathing this month to get a FREE sample of Rachels’s pet products!

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