First Day Journal Entry

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My first-day journal – Dawn Outlaw.

My first day at AGA. November 1st, 2018. The first day of my new career. I have never done this… Sure I love pets like anyone else, but I am nervous about my choice to do this as a career….. A WHOLE NEW CAREER. Grooming Pets….. In a Mobile.

Well, I am here. I am nervous, well not really just a little.

Whats this, Lecture? Ok well, I have my pen and paper ready. I have class Notes as well. (sit through lecture).

Well, that was fun! And pretty Easy! I didn’t realize I would learn so much. Kat teaches pretty well! She even made us all laugh. Didn’t expect that! This information is critical to building a safe and happy business. I guess becoming knowledgeable and well rounded in all aspects of dogs, not just grooming is part of this. I liked the lecture. A LOT!

I have to say I never realized how much goes into this career. I thought “Grooming” ok knowing how to cut a dogs hair. It’s so much more! Parasites! CPR! Coat color…. Geese who knew this career was so involved and talented. I am not overwhelmed. I guess I just didn’t think I would be gaining all this extra knowledge about pets and their people.

Ok went over all my book work and had my orientation. Don’t stress about the tests, don’t stress about the tests! Kat said she wouldn’t give a test she didn’t think I was ready for. Ok, I am not stressed I can do this!
“What do you mean I am bathing today????” Ok my first day, my hands are on a dog. This is why I came here because hands-on knowledge is the very best!!!!
That was awesome! OOOHH Boy did I love bathing that dog. This is great! Want a love bug! Is this what groomers get to do all day! What a great choice I made!
I am exhausted! Learning this is so tiring, and fast pace. I am so glad I can do this. I think I love the job and the staff… I have learned one thing about today just watching Angela, There is so much more to Professional Pet Styling than 99% of what people think! I want to know it all! I want to do it all!

I can do this. Being successful is a mindset right? If I gain the knowledge and use it… remembering that the safety and respect of all animals and their people will be my top concern, That’s what going to make me successful…… That and 318 more hours here at AGA. Bring on tomorrow!

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