Healthy Diet Tips for Your Pet

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The importance of grooming your pet is something most people do not understand. They want Fluffy to look nice and be happy. But there are so many other things that can be accomplished with proper and routine grooming of your pet. 

All dogs are different, from coat type, thickness and growth many dogs require a different amount of grooming and different techniques. Some of the most important parts of grooming are not just that cute Teddy Bear Head but circulation, removing the dead and dying coat and keeping your pet mat free. 

A healthy diet in your pet not only effects their veterinary care but in fact their grooming situation. Being a Certified Pet Stylist many things that come from your pets diet effect what we can and can not accomplish with routine grooming. There are some aspects of your pet’s diet that can make the grooming experience difficult for pets as well as the pet care professional.

One of the largest threats we pet stylist encounter when grooming pets are the number of overweight dogs we see. Obese pets are an epidemic in this country and this accounts for more problems in the grooming salon than anything else. Overweight pets for one cannot support their own weight for extended periods of time. This is because it is simply easier to let the ground hold the weight. Therefore many pets routinely sit or try to lay down during the grooming procedure. When groomers are consisting of lifting or holding pets up it takes a toll on joints and muscles of both the pet stylist and the pet. Also, overweight dogs have a tendency to have breathing or heart-related problems. This put added stress on the pet and the pet grooming professional. Even something as simple as the pet getting on and off the table or in and out of the tub can have serious complications for a pet that is overweight. Many times overweight dogs have serious dietary issues that are caused simply by food intake. Many pet care professionals will tell the owner that they need more time as we have to give frequent breaks, or that the pet can not stand for the grooming. All of the bad things that go with a pet being overweight have serious implications for your pets health as well as their grooming.

Skin condition is among another problem pet stylist see when grooming your pet. Many times skin conditions are directly related to diet although things like parasites and health concerns can affect the skin. Mainly what we see in the grooming salon is a tendency toward dry skin. Much of the time this is in fact due to a diet that doesn’t contain enough fats and oils to promote moisture to the skin. Omega fats and oils are an essential part of the dog food pyramid. Many times commercial dog food takes care of these needs but just like humans many dogs are different and may require more. Just like humans are put into categories of Oily skin, Dry Skin or neutral skin, pets are also categorized this way. Usually, dry skin manifests itself in flakes or dandruff that can be seen after grooming. This, in fact, is caused by increased circulation during grooming which promotes the skin to rejuvenate itself. Some pets require extra oils to supplement a dry skin production.

Your pet stylist has a keen knowledge of what your pet looks like, skin, coat, and body wise, especially if they perform regular grooming every 6 weeks. So its safe to say any concerns your pets stylist give you should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention as well!

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