October Academy News 2018

Grooming Academy MascotProviding an excellent education is only one aspect of American Grooming Academy‘s mission: to create and educate some of the most talented pet stylists in the country! Providing these students with a foundation to build their dreams on is something we also aim to achieve.

“One if the most common questions we are asked is: ‘What can I do with this education?’, and the answer is, literally so much!” Angela Clark, President of American Grooming Academy.

For this month we would like to highlight some of the amazing careers you can achieve after you complete your education with American Grooming Academy! Many people have no idea how open the landscape of the Professional Pet Stylist is as chosen career, that provides structure, success and continued education!

Private Pet Salons:

Private Pet Salons Temecula

Privately owned salons come in all shapes and sizes. Flexibility, benefits, policy, pricing, grooming philosophy and owner expectations can be very different from one shop to the next. Finding a salon that is compatible with your goals and expectations is key when it comes to working for someone else. Much of the time Pet Stylist are paid commission which gives you the opportunity to be as successful as you want!

Corporate Pet Salons:

There are small and large corporations that operate pet retail facilities. Day to day operations is controlled by the store manager, or a salon manager (store lead). Policy and procedures are shared between all stores and designed within the corporate offices. Often there is a person with a corporate position dedicated to overseeing pet services. This person will have close contact with the salons, and has an interest in keeping groomers on staff, creating and enforcing policy, and communicating expectations to associates at the store level. Benefits include medical and dental insurance, paid time off, 401 k, and retail discounts to products as well as services. Much of the time corporate salons stay busy so there is no real ‘slow’ time for the pet grooming salon. Both large and small corporations offer a great opportunity for growth within the company, for that interested grooming management or corporate business positions.

Veterinarian Clinics with Grooming:

If you are interested in the medical side of pet care, you may enjoy grooming in a Veterinary clinic. You will groom not only those animals in normal condition, but dogs regular salons are unable to handle such as sedated, aggressive , or extremely matted dogs. Price, pay, and benefits are usually higher in this environment, although the amount of pets you see on a day to day basis is reduced. Some veterinarians offer grooming as a service to their customers. Most include free, or discounted veterinary services in their normal benefit package. Pet Stylist in veterinary clinics repeatedly say they are shown a high level of respect and appreciation, by the medical staff, who have a good understanding of what pet stylist actually do.

Mobile Grooming

Mobile Grooming Salon TemeculaMobile pet grooming salons have become increasingly popular in recent years.
Customers enjoy the convenience, and for pets mobile grooming provides a less stressful experience.
Many mobile pet stylist operate by establishing a fixed clientele, set up on a regular 6 – 8 week schedule. This ensures steady business throughout the year, and a bonding opportunity between the stylist and pet owner. Mobile pet styling offers flexible scheduling for the stylist,and typically charge higher prices,

Boarding Kennels with Grooming

An advantage to becoming a pet stylist in a boarding kennel is that styling the dogs already boarding at the kennel is a convenient add in for the customers. The boarding clients can be scheduled for grooming during their stay at the pet stylist convenience. Boarding kennels offer steady business for groomers, and flexibility in scheduling.

Daycare with Grooming:

Customers view pet daycare as more than just a place to leave their pets when they are at work or running errands .It is an opportunity for their dog to enjoy socializing with other dogs, interacting and getting to know caring staff, exercising and burning off plenty of energy. Dogs that attend daycare often do so on a routine schedule. Grooming can be part of that routine. Daycare is also a great outlet for those dogs being dropped off early in the day for grooming, and picked up after their parents get off work. Customers can pick up there pet at the end of the day without feeling guilty for leaving them all day at the groomers.

Animal Rescue Organizations:

Animal Rescue OrganizationsIf you are passionate about pet adoption, being part of that process can be very rewarding. Pets that are groomed have a greater chance of adoption. Grooming often noticeably improves the dog’s condition, and temperament. Although some organizations with a grooming facility, pay to have a groomer on site, in many instances, grooming rescue pets is voluntary. In either case, working with rescues is a rewarding experience, that introduces you to a network of like-minded animal advocates.

Master Groomer Certification:

Master Groomer Certification TemeculaAs you mature in your career having your work critiqued through Master Groomer certification is one way to continue improving your skills. Your grooming and expertise will improve as you study and complete the certification process. Achieving Master Groomer status qualifies you or your salon to charge higher prices, and shows a commitment to continued learning.

Salon Grooming Management:

If you have previous management experience and a good business sense, you may want to pursue a Salon management position. The Salon Managers oversee all elements of the Grooming Salon including servicing pets, managing the staff and providing excellent customer service. Salon Managers are responsible for meeting the safety and financial goals of the company. Most salon management opportunities require a minimum of 3 years grooming experience, and previous management experience, Salon management positions are available in corporate salons as well as larger in corporate salons.

Grooming Instructor:

Grooming Instructor TemeculaFor those Pet Stylist who enjoy sharing their knowledge, passing on skills as a certified Pet Stylist Instructor can be very rewarding. Grooming Academies are always looking for educated, advanced, instructors.


Professional Pet Styling creates an excellent opportunity for the confident pet stylist who loves animals and wants to create a business of their own! Some of the benefits to owning a mobile business or grooming salon include:

  • A grooming business can be home-based, run from a storefront, or mobile.
  • Startup costs can be very low. Ongoing overhead expenses can be low.
  • The profit potential is high.
  • You can operate independently
  • You can expand your business by offering other services such as dog walking and pet sitting.
  • Franchise opportunities are available

If you have what it takes, starting a Pet Grooming business can be a challenging and exciting adventure.

Understand that a career in the Pet Industry might be just what you’re looking for! Come in now for your Potential Student Tour so you can experience a day in the life of a pet stylist for yourself! Read more information.

Think Pet Styling might be for you? In the month of August, AGA is giving $500 OFF your tuition to help you get started! With flexible schedules, easy financing , and job placement assistance, the right choice is American Grooming Academy! Get started today.

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