What Do You Get Your Pet on Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day Treats for Pets

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! How are you and your pet going to celebrate? In the video above, Jesse the dog shows his ideas of great  Valentine’s Day gifts for pets, especially the pet friendly treats.

Pet Friendly Dog Sweets

It’s hard to resist giving your pet human foods when they look at you with begging eyes. However, it is important that you don’t give in. Most processed sweet foods are harmful to dogs because their bodies do not process sugar in the same way that our bodies do. There are other naturally sweet foods that you can safely feed to your dog as Valentine’s day pet treats. Click here to learn which are safe treats for dogs.

Spoil Your Pet this Valentine’s Day

The best things that you can give your pet this Valentine’s Day is your time and attention. Show your pet that you love them by doing a little something extra.

[ul style=”3″]
[li]Take your dog out for a walk [/li]
[li]Play ball with your dog in the yard [/li]
[li]Go to the dog park [/li]
[li]Give your pet treats, not human treats! (see video above) [/li]
[li]Pet them longer than usual [/li]
[li]Treat your pet to a Valentine’s Pet Spa Special (link to spa special blog) at American Grooming Academy [/li]

Valentine’s Pet Spa Special

[ul style=”3″]
[li]Puppy Love Shampoo and Conditioner [/li]
[li]Puppy Love Cologne [/li]
[li]Blue Berry Facial [/li]
[li]Teeth Brushing [/li]
[li]Free All Natural Valentine Treats! [/li]

All of this for only $12

*Must purchase a full service groom or bath in addition to the February Spa Special. The Valentine’s Pet Grooming Spa Special is an upgraded service. Expires 2/28/2013

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