Pet Groomer Graduate – Tom Lloyd

Tom Lloyd | Mobile Grooming 

Tom Lloyd, founder and owner of “Bruno”s Groom’n Wagon in Elkhart, Indiana.

Tom Lloyd graduated from American Grooming Academy in 2010. After returning home to Indiana with certification in hand, Tom got to work building his own mobile Grooming trailer. Tom previously worked for thirty years as a contractor in the construction field prior to attending American Grooming Academy in Temecula Ca. Tom never dreamt that his career in construction would take a down turn and changing occupations to the pet grooming industry would be an option for him. His desire to continually learn and work hard transfered to his pet styling education.

Tom’s love for dogs was apparent from his first day of class. Especially, with his mastiff dog Bruno. When he came to American Grooming Academy in early 2010, he was interested in learning more about the pet industry and American Grooming Academy pet grooming programs. Tom was set for a career change that involved a great love of animals.

“When I first met Angela, I knew that I was suppose to be there. Angela has a very professional way about her and I felt I would be treated fairly and be taught what she promised and I was not wrong

Working in the construction field Tom was used to spending his days alone. When he came to American Grooming Academy, Tom fit right in as he worked hard in learning his new craft to becoming a Certified Pet Stylist. Tom shared with us that while he was a student at American Grooming Academy he learned a lot about dog mentality and behavior, people and the pet industry.

“I want to thank you all for the most wonderful experience of my life”

We truly enjoyed having Tom as a student at American Grooming Academy and are so excited to share his success with you!

If you’d like to start your career as a pet groomer, please contact us at (888) 550-WASH.

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